Win Cash Fast in Ohio with River Slots Sweepstakes

What if we told you that you can win money by playing internet sweepstakes games at home? If you are in need of some quick cash then look no further – Cash My Minutes is here to get you cash fast. In just minutes you can play River Slots Sweepstakes games at home and instantly be rolling in cash!

Getting Started

Sign up for your free account on our Cash My Minutes home page and start a trial of our online sweepstakes games and play for free! When you’re ready to start winning cash prices, simply purchase a phone card for the state you are participating in.

For example, if you are an Ohio resident, get started by purchasing a long-distance telephone card for Ohio. So, the time you buy for the card is used to play the games. You can make your purchase by PayPal, credit or debit card, prepaid credit cards, or Visa gift cards. Once you’re ready to redeem your points for cash, just go to the website and get your money fast and easy!

Play for Cash Now!

Cash My Minutes has games like River Slots Sweepstakes for you to play and make a lot of money while doing so. Play now, have fun, and earn big! You will not be disappointed!!

You can play River Slots Sweepstakes Online and all of your other favorite games here at Cash My Minutes! Earn money easily and play all of your favorite games. Depending on your area, you may have access to different games, but each state has games that are fun and easy for all players. With over 90 games to play in each region, you’ll never be bored with Cash My Minutes!

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