Play Sweepstakes Online for Money in North Carolina

Are you ready to enjoy hours of fun while you’re making money from the comfort of your own home? You can do just that with Cash My Minute’s free internet sweepstakes cafe games in North Carolina, and a variety of other states. Cash My Minutes has truly got you covered by offering so many online games you’ll never get bored or grow tired of our selection! Not only do you get to enjoy hours of endless fun, but you can even cash in your winnings for some extra spending money.

Let’s Play

Getting started with us is as easy as a few simple clicks! All you have to do is purchase a prepaid calling card, more commonly known as an ace phone card. Then, sign up to begin playing! We currently offer internet sweepstakes cafe games in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia! Cash My Minutes is your premier site to play sweepstakes online for money! We have over 90+ games for you to play internet sweepstakes cafe games to earn fast cash! Get started playing today, and be sure to use the code BASS when filling out this form!

Some Things to Keep in Mind

If you are calling with an ace phone card to Mexico:

If you are making calls in the United States, for every dollar that you spend you will receive an extra 10 minutes for calls within the United States.

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