How River Sweepstakes Helps You Win Big

We can’t think of anything better than spending time earning real money playing river sweepstakes online games from the comfort of our own home! If you’re wondering how you can join in and play river sweepstakes online from home while earning real cash rewards, Cash My Minutes is here to show you just how simple setting up an account is. Read on to learn more about how you can win big by securing your river sweepstakes access code.

Sign-Up Is Simple

With a sign-up process this easy, there’s no excuse not to play river sweepstakes online with Cash My Minutes! We’ll take you step-by-step on how you can set up your account and start redeeming with Cash My Minutes.

Creating an Account

To unlock access to over 90 games, you’ll first need to register an online account with Cash My Minutes. Create a username and password to keep your records for future earnings. Next, complete the Ace Reveal form to earn your river sweepstakes access code. After completing the Ace Reveal form, you will need to purchase an ace calling card to receive free sweepstakes entries. All purchases can be made using PayPal, CashApp, or a valid credit card. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions for information regarding long-distance calls as well as return and cancellation policies.

Start Playing River Sweepstakes!

Once you have completed your river sweepstakes account setup, gain access to over 90 entertaining sweepstakes games that you can play from the following states:

Cash My Minutes | Play River Sweepstakes Online

With a simple signup process and over 90 fun sweepstakes games to enjoy, the hunt for online sweepstakes games is over. Cash My Minutes is your trusted source for river sweepstakes entertainment! For more information on how to play river sweepstakes online, visit our website.

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